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The Celestial Sphere

Stars appear to us as tiny points of light attached to the surface of a huge sphere surrounding us, an infinite sphere with our planet Earth in the center. Stars and planets appear to be moving ...Read

Know Your Equatorial

In this article we will introduce you to the basic elements of an equatorial mount. You will know what problem it tries to solve and how it works! ...Read

The Equatorial Coordinate System

Right Ascension and Declination are two terms we hear frequently from astronomers, what are these coordinates? How to use them to find an object on the sky? ...Read

Polar Alignment Part 1/3 - Using a compass

Want to show your friends Saturn and its beautiful rings? You need to make sure that once you point your telescope to Saturn, it stays there in the field of view for as long as possible ...Read

Polar Alignment Part 2/3 - Using the star Polaris

Take your Polar alignment to the next level! This article explains how to use Polaris and a Polar Alignment Scope to align your equatorial mount. This is a must know technique ...Read

Polar Alignment Part 3/3 - Drift Alignment

Are you into deep space astrophotography? Do you want to take long exposure images of your favorite Galaxy? You can't do this without perfect polar alignment ...Read