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Reticulum User’s Guide

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Introduction to Reticulum

Reticulum is a versatile yet affordable tool to help you perform your drift alignment. Simply center your target star in the crosshairs and you are ready to proceed with your alignment process.

drift alignment tool

Reticulum crosshairs consist of three main regions:

  • Outer shape: This is usually a circle. In the Pro edition you can customize it. This will allow you to change its shape, color, or even hide it completely!
  • Grid: this is the crosshairs itself. It can be single or double line. Again in pro version you have full control on the shape, count, and color of the crosshairs.
  • Inner shape: its the gap in the center. Reticulum Basic edition comes with few options but to fully customize it you’ll need Reticulum Pro.

Reticulum Toolbar

The image below shows Reticulum main toolbar. When you start Reticulum for the first time you’ll not see the toolbar. We want to be sure that your screen is full of stars most of the time. We also want to limit the amount of light your screen emits - Astronomers tend to value darkness more than gold!


But, how to display this toolbar? Simple, just click the gear shaped icon (Gear). It will bring your toolbar. Again, the toolbar will disappear automatically if you are not using it. But don’t worry, you are in full control, you can pin it so it stays visible all the time. You can also move it around. Now, lets explain each button in detail…

Controls in detail

Drag handle Drag handle:

This allows you to move the toolbar anywhere on the screen. Simply click and drag to move the toolbar. This will work only when the toolbar is pinned. If the toolbar is not pinned it will disappear automatically, hence there is no point moving it.

Pin toolbar Pin toolbar:

Click this button to pin the toolbar. This way you’ll be able to keep it visible all the time and you’ll be able to move it around on the screen. Note that when you open the customization panel, the toolbar will be automatically pinned.

Rotate left Rotate left:

Click this button to rotate the crosshair counterclockwise. The crosshair will continue rotating as long as the button is pressed. Reticulum offers you a unique feature of Four Rotation Speeds for maximum accuracy:

  • Normal: This is the rotation speed when you simply click the button.
  • Slow: hold the keyboard SHIFT key while clicking the rotate button. This will slow down the rotation
  • Very slow: hold the keyboard CTRL key while clicking the rotate button. This will make the rotation even slower.
  • Precession: hold both SHIFT and CTRL keys while clicking the rotate button. This will make the rotation very slow for precise alignment.

Reset angle Reset angle:

Click to restore the original orientation of the crosshair.

Rotate right Rotate right:

Click this button to rotate the crosshair clockwise. The crosshair will continue rotating as long as the button is pressed. The rotation speeds mentioned earlier applies to this button as well.

Timer control Timer control:

This is a handy timer you can use to measure the drift time. To operate the timer:

  • Start: Click the mouse LEFT button to start the timer.
  • Stop: Click the mouse LEFT button (again) will stop the timer.
  • Reset: Click the mouse RIGHT button will reset the timer.

Transparency Transparency:

Simply move the slider to change the transparency of the crosshair (and the toolbar if visible). Notice that at very high transparency (with toolbar almost invisible), toolbar will automatically be pinned to make it easy for you to restore the default transparency.

Crosshair style Crosshair style: Use to select your favorite crosshair style. Reticulum Basic comes with eight built in configurations. The Pro Edition has twice this number and allows you to fully customize your crosshairs.

Customization panel Show customization panel: As the name indicates, you’ll click this to show the crosshairs customization panel. This is available only in the Reticulum Pro Edition.

Help Invoke Reticulum help. Displays information about Reticulum and takes you to this help page.

Close Close Reticulum. Closes the application.

Crosshair Customization

The image shows the crosshairs customization panel. As mentioned earlier, three parts exist: Cross-hairs, Inner shape, and Outer shape. By controlling how these parts are displayed you can have a wide variety of crosshairs styles.

drift alignment tool

**Still have questions?**

Please don’t hesitate to email us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or just know what you think about Reticulum.